Tuna Steaks

Last night I tried yet another of my much anticipated items, fish, tuna steaks from our local grocer. Sadly I noticed some after I got these from the fishmonger that were already vacuum sealed, they looked very good and I’ll have to try them. I don’t know how much I really liked this fish via sous vide, but I am not sure if it was due to my method or just the way it cooks. They were done the same way all the way though, of course, but I really do like tuna seared and almost rare inside. I think that I somewhat overcooked the tuna because I had the temperature for a few minutes overlapping in order to soft boil some eggs as well for the asparagus. will have to try some other fish and be a little more gentle.

Sauce, tasting notes, and other photos after the jump…

I was roped into making a tamari sauce that my wife loves from a local restaraunt, I can’t claim that mine is AS good but is fairly close. It is reduced white wine and stock and then tamari and mounted with butter. That’s it, it is fatty, salty, and has plety of umami from the tamari.

Bath Time: 13 minutes at 147f-140f

Sides: Asapargus with 1 hour, 147f eggs.

Drink: Real AleSisyphus Barleywine

Tasting Notes:

Tuna: Perfectly cooked but perhaps a few degrees over preference,

sauce covered those issues. 

Beer: Pours Like honey tastes like gold

Sides: Perfect. Asapragus blanched and shocked and the eggs were PERFECT.


About Aaron Haley

A sous vide Newbie learning his way with an amazing new kitchen tool.
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