Soft Boiled Eggs

Eggs were one of the items that I had been dying to try with the new sous vide rig. Got a chance today and made them for a salad. Cooked them at 147F for a little over an hour, it was both a little too high of a temp and too long. That’s what I get for getting side tracked, will try eggs again soon!

I put them on top of a warm spinach salad, pictures and final thoughts after the jump.

I had planned to pair these with vegetables of one kind or another, and had the spinach available so I went with a spinach salad. I toasted the pecans, made a vinaigrette with bacon grease and put some parmesan on for an extra salty/creamy kick. The eggs themselves were a little firmer than I wanted but the whites were perfect. The yolk had an amazing texture and was like eating a custard. It would have been beautiful on toast. I will certainly do them like this again.

Pairings: Great Divide Yeti Chocolate Stout

Up Next: Pork Chops, Pork Shoulder, and Tuna


About Aaron Haley

A sous vide Newbie learning his way with an amazing new kitchen tool.
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One Response to Soft Boiled Eggs

  1. Gourmet Dad says:

    I’ve done it at 147.2 for 45 mins and it worked like a dream. The best part is that you can try different times and temps and not be out a lot of money.

    I just got my PolyScience Circulator and love it.

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